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True Tales From Old Houses

Jun 24, 2024

In this week's episode, Stacy tangles with TSA, and Daniel inches closer to selling the cottage. 

First, Stacy and Daniel discuss Stacy's recent trip to Florida and her airport mishaps.

Then, they move on to Daniel's cottage update, including the process of accepting an offer and the potential for the buyer to back out before signing the contract. They also compare their experiences with buying houses and the differences in the process. The conversation ends with their thoughts about the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the buyer. 

Next, Stacy and Daniel discuss Daniel's plans for the extra money he will have after selling the cottage. Daniel's first plan is to pay off his debts, which will provide a sense of relief. He also wants to invest in his current house by adding air conditioning, which will increase the value and improve his comfort. 

Finally, they talk about different options for air conditioning, including conventional HVAC systems, heat pumps, mini splits, and high-velocity systems. They also touch on the challenges of retrofitting an old house with air conditioning. The conversation ends with Stacy expressing her excitement for Daniel's upcoming house sale.


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00:00 Airport Mishaps
02:24 Cottage Update
07:01 Accepting an Offer - There are no guarantees!
09:26 Buying Houses
17:22 Paying Off Debts and Finding Relief
19:09 Investing in Home Improvements: Adding Air Conditioning
20:31 Exploring Air Conditioning Options for Old Houses
23:26 Challenges of Retrofitting an Old House with Air Conditioning