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True Tales From Old Houses

Jul 8, 2024

In this episode, Stacy explains how she is lightening her DIY load, and Daniel describes a frustrating week. The conversation highlights the low-key crazy of hyper-local Facebook groups, navigating real estate contracts, dealing with contractor bids, and the emotional impact of online relationships.

First, Stacy shares how she hired someone to help with the lingering home projects around her house. Despite receiving some very unwelcome comments about the ad she posted in her small-town Facebook group, Stacy found the perfect person to fill the position. Her new apprentice is excited to learn and gain skills. 

Then, Daniel expresses his dissatisfaction about the continuing delays with the contracts for the cottage he is selling. The lawyers involved seem to lack urgency.

Next, he discusses the ongoing challenge of securing accurate bids to install air conditioning in his old house. 

Finally, Daniel ends the episode with a touching tribute to a long-time blog reader and Instagram follower who died unexpectedly. 


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00:00 Introduction and Sponsor Mention
01:21 Enter to win a signed copy of Throwbacks Home Interiors
01:57 Stacy's Experience Hiring Someone for DIY Tasks
06:34 Dealing with Negative Comments on Facebook Related to Stacy's Ad
16:32 The Frustrations of Navigating Real Estate Contracts
20:48 Air Conditioning Update - Daniel Received a Bid
30:15 The Emotional Impact of Online Relationships