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True Tales From Old Houses

Oct 27, 2018

Ever since Debbie was eight years old, she has been passionate about Civil War History. So, imagine how happy it made her to buy a documented safe house on one of the routes of the Underground Railroad. 

Debbie was not in her dream house for long before unusual incidents began. Many people dismiss the unexplained, but...

Sep 27, 2018

Repair or replace those old windows? Which side of the debate do you land on? In this episode, Stacy talks about all the window work in BHH, and common sense rules she follows for restoration. Also, How many windows are there in her big old house? (It's a shocking amount!)

The special guest on episode #2 is Ty McBride,...

Sep 4, 2018

In this episode, Stacy explains how she and Andy ended up buying Blake Hill House. Also, archaeologist Donn Grenda discovers 60 year's worth of artifacts from the clogged fireplaces in his craftsman style home. Donn's discovery sparked his interest in researching the history and folklore of the times. That led to...